Remembering Google Censorship 2015

It happened in February 2015
Upon a motive t
o stop all blogs
with nudity & porn articles
at BLOGSPOT, Google Blog Section

I deleted all my nude and porn elements
by fear my blog would be closed

Days After, Many People Protested
so Google had to change its policies
letting Blogs live with adult contains

With that unfair event,
I don't feel posting a lot, now

Sorry my readers,
some weeks I might not send any article

Since 11th September 2015,
I post more Articles With Nude & Porn Pictures
Step By Step, there will be a return of my nude or porn stuff


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Masaki Koh, Japanese Gay Porn Actor

Born 20 July 1983
In Tokyo, Kanto, Japan

Died 18 May 2013
from complications arising from surgery for peritonitis